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Ronaldo Carapiá is an international therapist and astrologer who uses Astrology as a tool for his own and his customers´ guidance and transformation. 

He travelled the world from an early age, having lived in 7 and visited 115 countries so far. This well seasoned individual nurtures a passion for yoga, nature, travel and of course astrology.

Ronaldo provides astrological services from his home in Brazil or anywhere around planet Earth he might be at the time of the session. Being fluent in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, he holds 3 citizenships/passports which definitely comes handy when traveling the world and assisting his customers.


Ronaldo Carapiá


Three fantastic astrological services available for you:

1) Natal Chart Reading* Your chart is encoded with your personality characteristics, life's patterns, cycles, and soul's intention. Having a reading will allow you to see yourself from a higher and broader perspective. Your inner self unveils before your eyes bringing you more self awareness, empowerment, self reassurance and transformation.

2) Future Predictions* Using great tools of astrology namely transits, secondary progressions, solar arc directions, solar return charts, I am able to predict what the universe has in store for you in the next 1, 2 or 3 years. This is very similar to how a weather meteorologist helps you plan ahead.

You can, with my assistance, better prepare yourself for aspects of your romantic life, travels, career, finances, family, health, etc.

3) Synastry*  Using this service, two individuals seeking to achieve more harmony and prosperity in the relationship, whether it be personal or professional, benefit from the deep mutual knowledge it provides. Synastry works akin to a roadmap they can follow to avoid obstacles and difficulties towards the success of the relationship.

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Session Information

Duration: 90 minutes

Payment: $100 paid in advance, using PayPal. The Charts are then created and studied prior to the session.

Details needed: date, time and place of birth

The session can be just audio conversation using Whatsapp or, if customer prefers, a video call via Skype. 

You will be sent electronically your Chart on PDF and the audio recording of the session afterwards.

Contact details 


text me via WhatsApp here


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